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A Program Proven to Reduce Claims

ART® (Active Release Techniques) has been successfully implemented in multiple industries to reduce workplace accident and injury claims resulting in a substantial return on investment. 

Our program brings ART Elite Providers to your facility to treat individual employees through identifying and resolving soft-tissue disorders before they lead to injuries, workers’ comp claims, and OSHA recordables. 

EHSM, Risk Management, Safety Managers and Employers in any Industry can count on Active Release Techniques as their go-to employee safety program.

Why it Works

Our program helps clients see 8 to 10x ROI. We achieve these results through pairing the best providers, with our proprietary techniques, used in 15 minute treatments. This leads to an average case resolution in just 4.2 visits. This efficiency, paired with the first-aid classification of ART, creates unparalleled value and leads to the quick realization of decreased claims costs.

Delivering Results You Can Count On


Annual Savings by Site


YOY Client Retention


Conditions Resolved Annually

ART arranges for an Elite Provider to spend scheduled time at your workplace on a weekly basis. You may use ART’s software to schedule employees intothe Elite Providers time, schedule up to four employees per hour, or leave the scheduling to the Elite Provider, or even just use a simple sign-up sheet at your workplace. Whatever works best for you. You receive quarterly outcome reports from ART summarizing the cases treated during the quarter. Track your employee satisfaction and watch it sore and/or track your workers’ compensation and insurance cost and watch them fall.

A "Best Management Practice”

"Although SCI has made efforts in other areas to reduce workers’ compensation costs, our significant reduction in expenses is largely due to ART’s program. After an audit, OSHA VPP auditors called this program a Best Management Practice."

Sanmina Corporation

Preventing Progression

"ART allows employees to free themselves of discomforts that they would usually just live with, printing minor discomforts from being serious."

Ed Valencia - EH&S Manager

Substantial reduction of recordables

The ART program has been an essential component to keep our team members happy,, healthy, and in top physical condition to perform their daily work responsibilities. The year prior to joining ART, we had six OSHA recordables. Since joining, we’ve had two consecutive years with no recordables.

Moe L. - Safety Manager