Here are a few of our Patient Testimonials

SUBJECT: Case #82 - Chronic back, neck & sciatic/hip pain
"I was unfortunate to have been involved in a few car accidents. The first accident was in 1996. I have dealt with constant back, neck and sciatic/hip pain. I began seeing a chiropractor in 1996 and after a couple of years I went to another chiropractor. Throughout the years with those chiropractors, I tried heat, ice, stretching, physical therapy, tens, traction, massage, etc. Even after all these treatments, I could never get rid of all my pain, I would play softball, play with my nieces or even sit during a car ride or reading and it would flare up my symptoms. I learned about Dr. Kim through a friend and went to his office with some skepticism. After just a short while I was completely thrilled with the progress I was making! Active Release Techniques has really changed my life! The relief I have gotten with the help of Dr. Kim still amazes me. My quality of life is so much better. I get out and play volleyball, softball, soccer and many more, plus I have recently taken up rock climbing. I am so much more active without the fear of pain I would have to endure from having fun. I even went to ride roller coasters within the last couple of weeks and got up the next morning PAIN FREE! I cannot say enough about Dr. Kim. Anyone with any pain around me will be sent to Dr. Kim’s office. I really feel like I have my life back. Thank you Dr. Kim and your wonderful staff.” – May, Patient Director

SUBJECT: Case #: 148 - SEVERE Knee & Shoulder pain finally fixed!
“I have had joint problems since childhood brought on by severe growth spurts, one bad car accident and too much sport activity. I had my first knee surgery at the age of 14, my third by the age of 17 and a total of 7 years of physical therapy. Over the years my shoulder and knee problems have gotten worse but I have gotten a bit better at dealing with them. The only problem with the “dealing with it” is that I now have to second-guess most of the physical things I do which included sitting for long periods of time. Prior to my first appointment I was experiencing knee, shoulder and neck pain on a daily basis. The knee pain was so severe I sought out the advice of an orthopedic surgeon to see if there was anything that could be done to alleviate the situation. After an MRI indicated severe cartilage loss and a large build up of scar tissue I was prescribed pain and anti-inflammatory medication and advised to limit the physical activity that aggravated my condition. To this day I cannot forgive that doctor for such a casual recommendation. He basically told me to take a pill everyday and stop walking, sitting, kneeling oh and moving my left arm! Suffice to say, this recommendation did not sit well with me or my lifestyle. I would not describe myself as an athlete but I do like physical outdoor activity, going to the gym and I like going to bed at night without throbbing knee pain. Upon my first visit with Dr. Kim, I felt that he understood exactly what I was going through and genuinely believed that he would be able to improve my current condition. Within three ART treatments of my knee and shoulder, over one week’s time, I was experiencing immediate relief. I was going to sleep at night with little to no knee pain and the range of motion and stability of my shoulder increased within the first two weeks. My sessions with Dr. Kim were thorough yet easygoing and he is very friendly. He knew exactly where I was experiencing the most pain and spent a lot of time working to breakdown the scar tissue deposits that had built up over the years. The treatments were effortless on my part but I cannot say the same for Dr. Kim. The man has hands that work wonders! The treatment was unlike any physical therapy I had ever had. Dr. Kim took the time to really become familiar with exactly what my activity level was, what caused me the most pain, what aggravated my problem and clearly explained what ART would do for my situation. After seeing Dr. Kim for two months, my pain was drastically reduced. I had not experienced relief like that in any type of un-medicated state since I was a teenager. I was back at the gym everyday, I was not having to get up from my desk repeatedly during the day to work out the pain in my knee, I did not fear my shoulder was going to dislocate if I rotated it too far and I was sleeping soundly at night. The relief Dr. Kim provided did not limit itself to my knee and shoulder. Once I began to experience less pain my whole outlook changed. I was refreshed, revived and confident that my knee and shoulder problems were not going to diminish my quality of life. I look forward to exercising knowing that I will be tired but not in pain upon completion of my workout. I now sleep with one pillow instead of the three I had to use for elevating my knees at night. And the best thing is that I can now sleep on my left side at night without waking up in terrible pain. I cannot say enough about Dr. Kim, his staff and Active Release Therapy, it has really changed my life!” – Shannon Chandler, Director of Operations, RHS

SUBJECT: Case #526 - Heart Surgery didn't Help
“Six years ago, I started having serious upper back pain…right behind my heart. My cardiologist said it was heart problems and if didn’t have immediate surgery I would die. Well, the bypass surgery didn’t help the pain at all. And until I saw Dr. Kim, I continued to have the pain and worried that something bad was going to happen to my heart. One session of ART with Dr. Kim solved my back pain and six months later it has not returned. I can’t really explain the relief I feel knowing that it’s not my heart. You might think I’m crazy but I drive over 100 miles one way just for Dr Kim’s treatments because I know they work. And the best part is Dr. Kim listens to me…something my cardiologist never did.” – Bob Chambers (75 years young!)

SUBJECT: Case #: 74 - Chronic Low Back Pain
“I have had back pain for over 5 years. My back pain originated in the middle of my back on the left side and progressively worsened, expanding from my lower back all the way up to my neck. Soon after, I began to experience spasm-like pains all throughout my back and shooting pain down my legs. Consequently, I had to change my life dramatically by cutting out all activities that involve any lifting, bending and moving faster than a walk. This is especially hard for me to accept because I am only 24 years old. Often times I think ‘What will my body be like when I am 30 years old? 40 years old? Will I even be able to walk?’ This is an extremely serious issue for me. I have sought medical help. I have seen numerous chiropractors. I have also seen countless massage and physical therapists and I have even consulted with an acupuncturist. Not one medical practitioner that I have confided in has helped me as much as Dr. Kim has. Since I first started to see Dr. Kim my back problems have gotten over 80% better. I can actually play basketball, something I have not been able to do for a very long time. More importantly, I feel my age now!” – Roland Meyer - Personal Trainer